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Developing Thriving Businesses

Cultivating relationships is an essential component to developing thriving businesses. And expressing genuine interest in the success of others is the most useful way to communicate gratitude.

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Here is a rule I keep in my work as a customer service expert:

Whether you are self-employed or working for an organization, you learn successful operators recognize people as the most indispensable asset in any industry.

From customers to co-workers, cultivating relationships will propose challenges at times, however, we must overcome such trials if we desire to enjoy meaningful relationships.

When building a connection becomes the primary goal in dealing with others; meaningful relationships may not result. On the other hand, developing meaningful relationships require a sincere desire to relate on a deeper level.

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Past and Current Clients List:

ASTROKAT is a Neo-Soul band from Dallas, TX.

Throughout the course of their musical careers, ASTROKAT has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life; performing at a variety of venues, collaborating with many other young musicians in Dallas, all the while writing their own music and managing themselves.

Gabriella Torres Music

Musician, Astrokat | Music | Gabriella Torres

Santa Fe, NM | TACO WARS, rooftop yoga, Mixology seminars, CHEF & SHAKER CHALLENGE, SUNDAY FUNDAY FIESTA tasting tables & art show, Bartender Battle

Natalie Bovis

Owner, Cocktails & Culture Festival

I’m Donna, I am deeply passionate about traveling, being a black woman, and inspiring people to explore the world.

I love how travel can change minds, empower, and embolden people to build community.

Dr. Donna Hunter

Owner, EbonyTravelers LLC

Empowering Others to Create Their Best Life!

I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist as well as a Life Coach.

I want to help you break through barriers and reach your peak performance as well as to become the “Best Version of Yourself.”

Krisin Kaiser

Owner, Kaiser Hypnosis

Nubian Dollar is a digital marketing platform created for black-owned businesses and consumers.

Our goal is to provide marketing services to all black-owned businesses and contribute to their success.

John D

Partner, Nubian Dollar

41 years of prestigious interior renovation and ground-up construction experience. Always delivering exceptional quality, supreme customer service, ongoing communication.
Remodeling With Phil

Owner, A Plus Drywall Repair Specialties

OM Chocolate Liqueur is made with organic sugar cane distillate, USDA organic extracts, essential oils and agave nectar at our distillery in Michigan.

Jason Monkarsh

Co-Founder, OM Liqueur

Our Mission Statement: d’Pilates Physical Therapy’s mission is to be the premier provider of comprehensive orthopedic physical therapy in North Texas, providing individualized care based on professional clinical expertise with a commitment to patient advocacy, education, and community service.

Deanna Lesmeister

Owner, dPilates Physical Therapy and Yoga

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